Due to state agricultural regulations on ipomoea (sweet potato vine), we can ship ipomoea to customers in Georgia and Florida only.


Please bookmark this page so you can easily download the most current availability before placing an order. Simply email or fax your order to us and we'll process and acknowledge it for loading on the next truck routed for your area. Logistics will notify you of the delivery date and time frame.

Unless stated otherwise in the availability, our minimum order is 2 full carts with a $50 drop fee. Sunbelt absorbs the drop fee for orders of 3 or more carts.

1 cart no drop fee • 2 carts 20% off • 3+ carts 30% off

Photographs are not available at this time.

Please DOWNLOAD our most current Excel availability below. If opened and saved from Google Sheets, the file loses some functionality, so DOWNLOAD it first, complete your order, then attach it to an email and send it to us. Please do not send a link via Google.