Sunbelt Greenhouses • Douglas, GA

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Since 1984, Sunbelt Greenhouses has grown from a small, antiquated operation to one of the most modern commercial greenhouses in the industry.

With more than 25 acres of production capacity, Sunbelt specializes in spring crops of bedding plants, hanging baskets, and annuals for container gardening. Fall garden mums and holiday poinsettias are also produced.

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Yes, we recycle horticulture plastic! Our customers may recycle plastic from any grower by sending used trays and containers to Sunbelt when returning empty shipping carts. We send the used plastic to East Jordan Plastics Inc., a Michigan-based manufacturing company that recycles more than 10 million pounds of plastic annually. To further add to the "green" effort, this transfer takes place when Sunbelt receives a shipment of new containers (made from recycled plastic) for the upcoming season.  

As of 2016, the combined efforts of Sunbelt and its sister company, Wenke Greenhouses, has led to the return of  350,000 pounds of plastic.

The early years . . .

Thanks go to The Douglas Enterprise for sharing these archived photos with us.