Sunbelt among "The Big 10" growers for 2015

In its April issue, Greenhouse Management magazine ( named Sunbelt Greenhouses among "The Big 10" growers for 2015. 

Taking chances isn’t easy. Putting your faith into something new, whether it be entering an emerging market, growing unique varieties, investing in automated equipment or sticking with an environmentally friendly method (even if it costs more) can leave room for error, for losses or even failure. But our Big 10 growers have taken the lead anyway in hopes of bettering their operations and serving thier customers the best they can. And these Big 10 have done so by [putting] their employees and customers first, who in turn have supported them through the good and bad times.
— Greenhouse Management | April 2015

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Sunbelt landscaping

These are the areas in which we test some of the plants we sell. Our growers did an excellent job this year with our spring and summer programs -- just look at all the spectacular color! The photos were captured July 31, 2014, after a period of almost 100-degree temperatures.

Several new plant varieties were successfully trialed, like Verbena EnduraScape (formerly named Enduro), Impatiens Big Bounce™ (great for sun and shade!), Cleome Clio™ Magenta, and Caladium Highlighter.