Spring Crops

Sunbelt Greenhouses produces a wide variety of spring crops: 8-04 cell pack annuals and vegetables, Organiks™ herbs and vegetables, potted annuals, accents and perennials in trays, as well as bowls, planters and hanging baskets. More detailed descriptions are located below.

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Sunbelt's availability order forms are distributed via fax and email. The emailed version contains current crop photos in addition to our own stock images for unusual varieties. 

We post a current availability order form each week on our Availability page.

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Annual Programs for Spring 2017


8-04 Annuals continue to be a bestseller for our customers. Our 4-pack cells are extra deep, which promotes larger plants with better root systems and a longer shelf life.

3-04 Landscape Solutions contain excellent varieties for Southern gardens and landscaping projects. Each 4-pack cell is extra deep and similar in size to a 3.5" pot.

3.5" Basic Annuals, Accents, and Succulents are packaged in 18-count trays. The Annuals in this program include both seed and vegetative varieties that are terrific for landscape projects as well as container gardening. Our Accents and Succulents include a great selection of "thriller" and "spiller" plants that are excellent container components.

4.3" 10-ct and 6.5" 6-ct All About Color Select offers a wide variety of unusual seed and non-patented vegetative varieties that are priced to move.

4.3" 10-ct Ramblin'™ Petunias are a better alternative for the South than Wave petunias. Ramblin's mounding, trailing habit is perfect for baskets, containers and gardens.

4.3" (deep) 10-ct and 6.5" 6-ct All About Color are our premium annual programs that feature superior plant genetics. Produced exclusively for the IGC market, our All About Color collection includes the best of the best varieties.

4.3" 10-ct Cyclamen can be used indoors or out and provide bold color in cool weather.

1-quart 8-ct Caladiums are among our most popular items, as we have an excellent collection of both sun and shade varieties. Our 1-quart Accents include ferns and grasses.

6.5" Mandevilla, Tropicals, and Vines include heat-loving plants that are ideal for containers and landscape use. Limited availability.

7.5" Pericallis Spring Touch™ provides striking, early-season color. They are gorgeous when planted en masse or as specimens.

7.5" Annuals include our very own All in One Combos, plus vigorous varieties like Rocky Mountain geraniums and hydrangea.

10" Kimberly Ferns and 12" Macho Ferns are available in weeks 14-19.

10" Mandevilla, available in weeks 17-18, includes a 36" well-covered trellis.

11" Hanging Baskets are available in flowering monocultures, combos, ferns and foliage. The basket is deep for more soil volume and has a wire hanger. We also offer 10" Hot Buy Baskets, 12" Macho Fern Baskets, 12.5" Combo Baskets, and 14" Coco Combo Basket.

Large Bowls and Planters in various sizes are also produced, like 12" Color Bowls, 12" Pericallis Planters,  12" and 12.5" Combo Planters, 12.5" Succulent Bowls and 10.5" Classical Planters.   

Herb and Vegetable Programs for Spring 2017


8-04 Cell Pack Vegetables continue to be a bestseller for our customers. Our 4-pack cells are extra deep, which promotes larger plants with better root systems and a longer shelf life.

3.5" Papa Joe's Naturally Grown Vegetables are NEW for 2017. The variety selection reads like a menu, and the price point allows for excellent margin opportunities.

4" 10-ct Organiks™ Herbs and Vegetables are certified organic production. We use Suståne® Organic Fertilizer in our soil mix for super-healthy and great-looking plants, and our carefully chosen variety selection is perfect for Southern gardens.

4.3" 10-ct Strawberry features the Berries Galore® series, a dual-purpose edible and ornamental selection that is excellent for container gardening.

6.5" 6-ct Basic Vegetables and Herbs includes two varieties each of peppers and tomatoes as well as the ever-popular sweet basil.

10" Strawberry Hanging Baskets include ever-bearing and June-bearing varieties in handsome red baskets.

12" Lettuce Bowls contain popular SimplySalad® mixed-species greens that consumers can harvest and enjoy several times during the season. We also produce 12" Patio Vegetable and/or Herb combos.

Perennial Programs for Spring 2017


6.5" Perennials include echinacea, gaillardia, lantana, and verbena. 6.5" Gerbera Garvinea®, a perennial up to Zone 7, is also available.